Mindless crap

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Mindless crap

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:08 pm

{PMC}TriXx: damn.... my cat farted and ran out the room....
{PMC}Cor: LOL! Are you serious!
{PMC}TriXx: yeah
{PMC}TriXx: he does that...
{PMC}Cor: Now THAT'S hella funny
{PMC}TriXx: not for me its not... it stinks like hell!
{PMC}Cor: i can only imagine


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Re: Mindless crap

Post  B-Loaf-X on Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:06 pm

6:54 PM - {PMC} Jimmy Drama: i like facebook more
6:54 PM - {PMC}B-Loaf-X: most people like facebook more, but myspace's networking is too intracate to just drop it all
6:54 PM - {PMC}B-Loaf-X: It was kinda like when the 18th amendment was instituted
6:55 PM - {PMC}B-Loaf-X: and the Mafia took over the alcohol trade
6:55 PM - {PMC}B-Loaf-X: and then the 21st obsoleted the 18th amendment
6:55 PM - {PMC} Jimmy Drama: WTF!!!??
6:55 PM - {PMC} Jimmy Drama: lololololahahah
6:55 PM - {PMC}B-Loaf-X: but now, drugs have been illegal for so long, a simple legalization of them would be too hard to act on
6:55 PM - {PMC}B-Loaf-X: it's all true!!!
6:56 PM - {PMC} Jimmy Drama: your to damn smart to play l4d
6:56 PM - {PMC}B-Loaf-X: I was about to take a shower and go to walmart and the gym

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